Friday, February 16, 2007

Afghan Obsessions

Don't think that just because the knitting has been limited around here I haven't been doing other things. Like obsessing over new afghans. This time I did really good. I shopped from the stash. Whoo hoo! I did exchange a few things but hooray for finding a purpose for a huge mishmash of Cascade 220.

It's Stacey's fault. All these recent blanket have been her fault. This one will become the Cynthia blanket from Sally Melville's Color book. I think I bought that book almost entirely for this blanket and a sweater or two.

Kim actually gets credit for all of our latest obsession. A Harry Potter inspired log cabin blanket. It will be made up of all the house colors and I think each of us has a little different idea of how it will turn out so even though we are all using the same colorways they'll be different at the end. Should be very cool. Kim posted more of the details. I think the yarn for this one comes in next week or so. Just what I need to work on while I listen to the books and get ready for the last one and next movie!

So I blame Stacey for most of my afghans but Nachaele gets at least some credit for the Mod on Mod blanket. You know, I hear from a good friend that is an expert in all matters psychological, that rationalization is a healthy adult activity. Sweet! I'm not nuts after all.


Chris said...

Hmm, you're going to have to bring back the tradition of decorating with large wall hangings!!

Kim said...

I'll only take credit for contributing to your afghan obsession if it's something you are really enjoying :) At least you'll never be cold with all those afghans--even if you never finish them the yarn alone will insulate your house ;)

CynCyn said...

You know what's tickling my funny bone? That as you reference me as the expert on all things psychological, my latest entry's title is all about how crazy I am.

I can't wait for the HP afghan either! And, you and Stacey are the best!! Knitting me an afghan...!!