Monday, January 01, 2007

year in review

Well, time to take a look at those resolutions I made at the beginning of this year and see how I did....
1. Make an afghan for my sister - I'm exceptionally pleased that I've finished this one. She'll be here tomorrow and I can't wait to see her reaction.
2. Make a fair isle sweater - I guess I could count the Fana cardigan I just finished but that seems like cheating since I had picked a philosophers wool kit as my project.
3. Keep my WIP list down to no duplicates (only one pullover, scarf, hat, etc) - Ha. I've given up on this idea.
4. Stay conscious of patterns I already own and reduce my book and pattern acquisition - Ha, again.
5. No yarn purchases all year - I really can't believe I even considered doing this one. I did allow for yarn buying at Estes but that was all. I did manage a couple months, which ended up backfiring on me because as soon as I was off the Stash along I made up for it and more. No more stash-alongs for me.

So what are the New New Years Resolutions
1. The duplicates WIPs didn't really work for me so I think I may just try to ensure nothing stays on the WIP list for longer than two years. Either I make it or I frog it.
2. Shop from the stash. My stash has grown quite a bit over this last year. I need to start using it for projects instead of always buying more yarn. I tend to not even look before I start shopping.
3. Make a fair isle sweater - big people size. This shouldn't be too bad. I joined the Dale of NorthAmerica KAL and plan to make a cardigan. I also decided to join a local group of ladies working on Alice Starmore sweaters. Both of these should be started this month so I'll be posting more details soon.
4. Get some of the gift knitting done I have planned - I bought yarn to make my SIL a hat and mittens, I have yarn to make DH grandmother a sweater, and I have yarn to make my mother a Not So Warm version of the Einstein coat.
5. Knit at least one of the full size Afghans I have yarn for in my stash - I have an Interlacements kit, lizard ridge, Moderne Log Cabin (full size), regular log cabin, and mosaic. All of these are full size afghans, as opposed to baby blankets, and should take quite some time to complete.

Hope everyone had a great holiday season and is looking forward to a great new year!


Michaele said...

I need to shop from my stash, too - that's a good way of putting it. Which Starmore pattern are you thinking of?

Happy New Year!

Leisel said...

Would the no duplicates thing work if gifts didn't count? That's how I've been planning on trying to do it.

Kim said...

Happy New Year, Michelle!

Great list for this year---looks like you have plenty to keep you busy. Although I'm sure you'll still find time to add to it ;)

Wanda said...

I'm impressed by the Starmore and Dales, I know you will do them. That's the thing about resolutions, more to focus and try and see how it works, if not, oh well. It's a lesson and you move on from it. I don't think you and a yarn diet would work well for long,but definitely if you focus on knitting from your stash, it seems a doable goal. You've got a great stash of beautiful things. I'm sure you will enjoy knitting from it too.

Chris said...

Oh, I'm having such a flashback to the Stashalong backlash! It was terrible, wasn't it??

Sounds like a do-able list!