Monday, January 01, 2007

Under the Wire

Thank you all for your comments about the slippers. I did manage to whip out a new one and now just need to figure out what to do with the tiny one.

I'm thinking of stuffing it with batting and catnip and giving Tami a sweet little surprise.

I also managed to get one more item off the WIP list in 2006. The little Fana cardigan I started in my class in December just needed a steek in the set in sleeve and a little seaming so I finally dragged out my sewing machine and got her done. It's too little to fit any people so I put it on one of my favorite stuffed animals from when I was a child. Patty P. Pig now owns a very cute little sweater.

And I think she seems quite happy with it.


Judy said...

I finished my Fana this week too. It needs buttons and I don't have anything tiny enough. I need to find "someone" to wear it.

Wanda said...

Congrats, Miss Patty looks cute in her Fana!

Chris said...

Ohmigosh, she is adorable in that sweater!! Perfect.

Glaistig said...

Patty P. Pig? What a name! I'm a sucker for alliterated (?) names! What an adorable perfect little sweater!