Monday, January 29, 2007


I've made decent progress on Leilani over the weekend. I love the pattern and I'm pretty pleased with how the fabric is coming out.

Here's a picture of the colors I'll be using for the cardi. Well, almost. I ordered a different yellow for the flowers. I bought this kit from a very nice lady that had already started making it. She included the pre-knit section with the rest of the yarn and I'm so glad that she did because I realized I couldn't handle that shade of yellow. Yowsa.

I stopped because I got to the section done in the obnoxiously bright yellow.

That's much better.

After moving all the future afghans to one place I've determined Sundays need to be for afghans. Maybe Sunday evenings can still be for finishing but I've got to get moving on those. Even if it's a single lizard ridge square a week it's progress.


Chris said...

Sounds like a good plan re: your afghans!! Or you could just become "Sittin' Here Knittin' Afghans." ;)

CynCyn said...

oohhh.. i like the colors (and good choice on the yellow)! and i love the new buttons (for the "where my money goes..."

Kim said...

Afghan Sundays--it sounds like a very relaxing way to end the weekend. And a warm way; considering how cold it's been lately.

Wanda said...

You and your afghan kick, that totally cracks me up. You were right about the yellow that was in the kit. Not the right color for you, but I like the replacement color.

Sonya said...

Much better yellow. That's going to be gorgeous.