Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Yet another KAL

Boy, I'm getting sucked into these left and right. Though there appears to be a strong theme to the ones selected.

First there was Stranded. Enter the Endpaper Mitts. I was determined not to start these until DS blanket was finished. Then I ran out of yarn. So, gosh, I just *had* start them. I love love love them so far. I keep trying them on (gotta love the magic loop for this feature). I'm off on gauge but they fit fine so I'm not worrying. Yet. I'm up to the thumb gusset on the first one already. Quite addicting but not good for group work.

Then a local group decided to get together to work on something by Alice Starmore. This group has actually been meeting for quite some time and I used to go just to watch the wonderful goodness they were working on. This year I've decided to brave it and make Armagh from the Celtic Collections Book. I picked up two shades of green (celery and dark olive) in Heilo and will be starting this wonderful pattern in January. There is a beautiful and inspiring photo on this blog of someone's WIP.

And now there is the Dales of North America KAL. I completely blame Sonya for this (though it's not fair to do so) because she mentioned it on her blog the other day. By complete coincidence I've bought enough yarn for two Dales this month. Plus the notorious Bjerk that I've actually considered re-trying lately... So now I just have to decide which to make. It's between these three:

Dalegarn Book 138 Design #2
Dalegarn Book 126 Design Bjerk
or Dale Kashmir

I have until next month (really I'm sure I can take as long as I want to decide but that's the official start) to decide which one. Just a warning though, it's a pretty chatty KAL but I think everyone is very excited about getting started.


Meg said...

Hi Michelle! I'm Meg and found your blog via Nakeidknits, while looking for Denver knitters. Just wanted to say how awesome that celtic pattern is and how much I admire you for being able to do that. As a newbie knitter (only a year), I barely past stockinette. :)

I'll be watching your blog. I used to keep my blog active, but have moved over to Vox because I love how easy it is to upload music, photos and such. brynwulf.vox.com


Sonya said...

Bwaaa-haa-haaa! Glad I could help. I can't help you decide which pattern because I love all three. Kashmir and Bjerk are both on my to-knit list.

I'm so jealous of your local group that's Starmore-ing together. My LYS owner tells me there are Dale and Starmore knitters in the area, but they just don't come to knitting groups. So I join many, many KALs too.

Chris said...

Wow, I'm not sure I can keep track of all those alongs!

Bookish Wendy said...

Okay, so me? I would make Bjerk. Just so I could say that word all the time. ;)

Glaistig said...

Wow, a group focusing on Alice Starmore sounds beyond cool! I am afraid to click on any of your links for fear of also being sucked in.