Friday, December 15, 2006

Last Minute Not-Knitted Gifts

Speaking of gift ideas, I've got one that isn't as scary as yesterdays little dude. If you are into vintage decorating or just love to browse through stores with cute old stuff AND you live in the Denver area check out Patina on the corner of Orchard and University. They have some awesome stuff in there. I loved these journals that someone puts together with music sheets and old photos. I bought the large one for my MIL as I know she's feeling a little down about school right now and I'm hoping it will cheer her up.

I think I may have to keep the one in the bottom right corner. The little quote is "Don't buy a hat through the mail" and just kills me everytime I look at it.


CynCyn said...

near pancake place? where? they're very pretty... nice thick paper inside?

Chris said...

Oh, they're very cool!