Friday, November 10, 2006

Random Friday

Hilarious story needed? Knitting granny gets one up on the iMoron.

I know it's not news that movie stars knit. According to one article I read one in three people in America now knit. That seems a bit high to me - must have polled everyone going into a JoAnnes or something. But I digress, back to movie stars. I just read this article about a movie *about* knitting staring none other than Julia Roberts.

Grannies appear to have found a new place for doilies. Interesting.


Cristina said...

hilarious and hilarious. can't stand julia...but can't wait to see that movie. it's a twisted reality for us knitters, i guess. my favorite quote from the knitting grannies article:
"Occasionally they will request a personalised pattern to be included in the design, for example a heart or cherry."
uuhm eeww...gross.

Meredith said...

Hilarious story indeed. I'm still snickering my arse off at this one!!
I'll have to check out that movie too. Thanks for the heads up and love your blog.