Tuesday, November 07, 2006

O Caftan, My Caftan

I admit it. I adore Norah Gaughan designs. I am loving working on my Caftan Pullover. The back just flew off the needles

and I'm impressed with how quickly I am getting through the front as well.

It's pretty neat how she has you create the front. I've done the center bottom of the cabling and then she has you cast off and finish knittin up the sides. Then you pick up the stitches and knit toward the center of the sweater. Very cool. It also means I'm going to feel like I'm making crazy fast progress.

I figure after this sweater I'll start the one on the cover of the latest Interweave. Another of Norahs designs. I need to find the perfect yarn for it though. I'm thinking of a solid, though something with a hint of tweed might be pretty. I don't want the tweed to distract from the cabling though and it seems like tweeds are scratchier. If anyone out there comes across an Aran weight that is perfect give me a holler. The pattern calls for Berocco Pure Merino, which looks lovely but has crappy yardage.

Then of course there is Knitting Nature that has about 8 things in it I want to make. We shall just have to see what ends up first on the list once I get there.


Calling Kahlo said...

I sooo love Knitting Nature. There are some beautiful patterns in the book, my favorite is the hexagon coat. But that is beyond my current ability. Oh, I love that coat.

The Pure Merino is stunning, so soft and yummy but crappy yardage. Hmmm. I have not found a soft tweed yet.

CynCyn said...

the caftan will be really flattering on you, totally the silhouette for your body type. for the new pattern, u gonna leave it with 3/4 sleeves?

Wanda said...

I love Norah Gaughan too. Such a great designer. There are so many great patterns in her book, but the Turbulence U-neck sweater is my fave.

Stacey said...

Lookin' good Michelle! That red is going to be hot, hot, hot! I can't wait to see how the middle part is knit up...I can kind ofimagine, but not really.

Jeni said...

Jeso Pete I don't see you for a couple weeks and you almost have a sweater done!!! It looks great.

Brianne said...

That's a great color. It'll look beautiful with your skin! And I love the unique construction. So fun!