Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I'm down with Other People Knitting

Plugging away at Mr. Hat

The Ultra Alpaca knits up so nicely. I really hope my friend likes it. I'm averaging about 2" per hour on this puppy so I'm thinking by the end of lunch today I should be able to start decreasing.

DH decided that for his birthday present I should gift the hat and scarf to their intended recipients. Since I've met him (and probably since before I met him) what he usually asks for his birthday is gifts for other people. Awwww. Oh, and stuff for him isn't a bad plan either.

Speaking of gifts for other people, the log cabin baby blanket is still trucking along.

I've decided to stop with this pattern after this color block. I have an idea or two stewing for how to make the blanket a tad bit bigger without injuring my brain from monotony. I'd like it to reach 36" square or so but not bigger or the fabric I picked for the backing won't fit anymore. I believe by my last measuring I'm a good 6 inches short of my goal. I'll have to keep you posted on the expansion decision.

And finally, in other-people-knitting news - Sundays have moved from "Sundays are for finishing" to "Sundays are for getting your DS blanket done before it's freakin Christmas already". As such, Sunday saw quite a bit of progress on the DS and DBiL afghan.

I'm still on column 6 of 7 and have yet to seam together any more of the columns (two seamed - the rest of em to go) or weave in any ends but since Sunday's have been reassigned I think I can make it. I think I can.


Stacey said...

The fabric that you picked totally pulls the blanket all together. I love it! Even though it is bright, as you keep mentioning every time we knit together, it's going to be perfect for a baby. They do love bright colors! Way to go Michelle!

Wanda said...

That hat is so cute. I love that dh is so generous in spirit, what a sweetie! You're going to be done with that hat soon, if not already!

Chris said...

I love the blanket and the fabric is great!!