Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Been a while

So I've been knitting like mad lately. Or at least it seems that way. I finished up another hat. DH was so cute about how much he liked the hat I made our friend, and his birthday is next week, so I wanted to be sure he'd get one as well. DH hat is a dark gray.

And I cast on for half a dozen other things. Ok. More like three other things but it seems like a lot now. As Cyn would say, I was getting dangerously close to having less than 10 WIPs going at once so I had to remedy that.

I figured I had better start Kolsva before Norovember was over. I'd show you a picture but it's less than an inch long (it was about 4 inches but then I realized I was off on my gauge and started over). It's going to be very pretty though. The colorway I am using is mostly gray with stripes of purple and teal.

Another new project is Lucca. I've been wanting to make this for ages and wound the yarn up quite some time back. Once I finished the hat I needed something small I could throw in my purse and work on at dinner or on the go and this fit the bill very nicely. It is knitting up very fast and I so so pretty.

I finished the front last night and have started the back. I really can't wait for the fair isle bit. Sooo pretty.

And last but not least I started that scarf I mentioned above for DH. I'm thinking of something very simple (like a striped pattern in two shades of gray). The Irish hiking scarf has some appeal as the hat looks like it has cables, though it doesn't. Or just making something up to "match" the hat. Maybe I'll try a combo of stripes and the stitch pattern of the hat. We shall see how it goes.


CynCyn said...

dang... u might have lots of wips, but u do make lots of progress (unlike me). I think irish hiking scarf would match the hat perfectly, and it's SO quick (esp in the berroco ultra alpaca)

Meredith said...

Oooo, Lucca is really a very pretty bag. Can't wait to see your progress on it. :-) Looking great so far!!
You definitely have a lot of WIP's on the go, lady! EESH! Ha ha! That Irish Hiking scarf is a nice one, isn't it?

Wanda said...

Oh, yay for dh's cap! So glad it got done. Not that it takes long or anything! You are busting them out right and left. I love Lucca. So very pretty. That's good that you got started on it. You'll probably be done soon. What about the Argyle thing? Is it done yet?