Thursday, October 19, 2006

Still Knittin

Not much knitting content lately because there really hasn't been all that much knitting lately. Seems like I just feel too tired by the time I make it home and do my chores that I don't even bother picking up the sticks and just sit there like a vegetable before heading off to bed.

I have managed to get one more column of my DS wedding gift/Christmas present finished. I present you with column 5.

I think this Sunday will the prime time to start sewing some of these columns together. Especially now that I only have two left to go before I'm finished. I'm really excited. It's such a pretty blanket and I'm almost positive I'll be able to get it to her for Christmas like I want to.

She and her husband just sent me some photos of their new home out in West Virginia. The view they have from their front yard is simply amazing.


CynCyn said...

she'll love snuggling up in that big old blanket!!! i haven't been knitting much either... i know that will change this weekend!a

Wanda said...

You're so close to finishing that one. When you do, your sis and bil will be so happy to have it in WV. That is an amazing view.