Monday, October 02, 2006

Moderne Day Finishing

I managed to finish up the moderne log cabin baby blanket this weekend. I didn't manage to weave in the ends or take a photo of the finished project but here is one of it *almost* done.

I managed to finish it with one skein of the purple (a.k.a. color A), and two skeins of each of the rest. Mind you I used Cotton Fleece by Brown Sheep rather than the Calmer it called for. I made it a touch wider than the pattern calls for too. I luv it. It's very soft.

I think I'll end up backing it after I weave in the ends. Yes, I plan to do both, weave in ends and back it. Usually I back things so I can get away with avoiding the whole end weaving. This cotton stuff is a little slippery and I don't trust it to hold up without end weaving so I guess I'm stuck doing it. It's not so bad.

It'll be a little while though. I decided it's time to re-organize the stash and my loft is a enormous mess right now. DH helped me to build some 1ft x 1ft dividers for the bookshelf so that the yarn won't avalanche each time I start a new project. Exciting. I'll show you progress pictures of that once I have some. Ha.


CynCyn said...

so pretty!! what are the finished dimensions?

Chris said...

It looks great! I finished the edging on mine and now I am faced with the ends. Cotton Fleece. Yup, this do seem slippery. I think I'll be splitting each strand in two and weaving in the ends separately... twice as many ends. UGH.

Wanda said...

It turned out so pretty. I love it!

Samantha said...

beautiful blankie!