Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Just another square

I originally thought this was a great idea. It was pretty. It looked just like this for about two to three weeks. Until I decided to make a project that included stash yarn that was near the bottom of the pile. Avalanche! I love the idea of rolling around in yarn, but in reality it's a bit tangly and very disappointing to put back into place.

So DH helped to make me some dividers

And then I put everything back into some semblance of organized

I feel better already. I'm still fiddling with it so it looks pretty but for now it's much more manageable. I only have to worry about small avalanches now.


Stacey said...

I love it!! Can your DH come to my house and make pretty shelves?! You win for having the most cubbies now, I only have 9 :(

I can't wait to come over and play with it!

Calling Kahlo said...

I love the idea of the cubbies and they are so cute! DH gets major kudos. What material are the cubbies made out of?

CynCyn said...

who wouldn't envy your built in YARN SHELVES?? what did u do with the shelves that you removed? and... where'd u put all those books?

Wanda said...

Those cubbies are just fabulous, my darlin'! The hub is good for something, eh? ;-) j/k

Glaistig said...

Umm, can I go shopping at your new yarn shop!? Please? Look at all that wonderful yarn :)