Thursday, October 26, 2006

Feakin Brrr

Man, for once (it seems) the weatherman got it right. We are getting some serious snow today. And the area of town I live in isn't getting it as bad as quite a few others. I managed a picture of the driveway about 3 minutes after DH finished shoveling his half. Poor man. It's already building back up again.

And it was such a pretty day yesterday too. Oh well. Should all be gone in a day or two. Today has been spent working from home and occasionally popping outside to shake off the trees so we don't have broken limbs or anything.

Speaking of yesterday, I had a great day. I took the day off from work because I had a knitting class in the morning and knew I wouldn't feel like heading to work after. The class was on the Off Center Argyle Caplet from Wrap Style. I've been dying to make this since the book came out but hadn't gotten around to it. The class gave me a great excuse to get started.

So far it's been a fast and fun knit. I've done enough intarsia that I didn't acutally learn anything in the class but I like taking them anyway. It's a fun way to meet new folks and the LYS gives us a discount on anything we buy the day of class and on class supplies. Works for me.

I didn't end up buying much of anything yesterday even though I had the discount. Guilt from stash aquisition earlier this month and the bag of goodies I got from Stacey, Jeni, and Cyn just the other day kept me in check. I did pick up this cute button for the Suzy jacket. I think I'll close up the other button holes and just have one near the top.

That bag of goodies from Stacey? Let me just say that I didn't make it out to Rhinebeck but it helps to have friends that know your taste well enough to trust them with a little dough to bring back some AWESOME stuff. Ladies, excellent job!! My endless thanks for these goodies.


jeni said...

I am so glad you like it all, I was a little worried and even though I had the cash on hand I made Cynthia do most of the choosing!!

adore_one said...

How cool with the stash and great friends.

Thanks for posting about knocking the snow off the trees I had no clue we have been here 7 weeks and we have had two snows how crazy.

Jenifer said...

Nice goodies! And thanks for the Noro knitalong tip ... I'm so in on that. :) Hope you're well!