Friday, September 29, 2006

Random Friday

Tired of knitting with two needles? Try using just one. The not-new technique of Naalbinding seems quite fascinating and there is apparently a ton of information on the web about it. I'd start here for a highlight. She's got quite a few references to other pages with more info. Picture borrowed from here.

How exciting is this? Interweave is putting out a special issue chock full of Holiday Gift ideas. Check out the preview here. Some things will be familiar to you (especially if you own Scarf Style) but there is quite a bit I've never seen before. I LOVE the Snowman at Midnight stocking. Just makes me want to drink hot chocolate with marshmallows. Subscribers do not automatically get a copy so everyone, keep your eyes peeled (ever notice what a gross saying that is?).

Interweave must believe we have quite a lot of time on our hands. Anybody need some ideas for knitting your holiday cards? Very cute but holy cow.

Don't want to be caught with those boring addi turbos? Or wondering what to get that knitter that already has it all? Just drop by here and pick up your leopard print set. Manufacturer not responsible for any fun fur related injuries.

Bonne Marie has done it again. Why has nobody told me about this? Am I truly the first to discover it? I think this is not possible. But assuming that I am (Ha) I must share with you.

I didn't care for Ivy at first glance but Elann has some additional pictures of it and I really think it's cute. And the colors that the suggested yarn comes in are yummy though a little limited.

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Kim said...

I love all your Random Friday stuff this week--I'm actually lifting a couple things for the Stashalong blog :)

I saw Bonnie Marie's new pattern this week--she does some great stuff.

I'm still on the fence about whether I want to order the yarn for that bag--I'm still waiting for an order I placed with Colorful last week.

Have a great weekend!