Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Quick Knits

Bought this yarn

to make this sweater

but after my friend made it and told me how hot the darn this was to wear I decided that I'd be better to make something else. My other friend (and enabler) let me borrow a couple of her Rowan Big Wool pattern books (the two yarns will knit up at the same gauge) and since I *couldn't* keep those pattern books I *had* to just go ahead and start the project I picked out. I opted for this cute cardi/jacket.

I cast on Friday evening and before I knew it I was taking a picture of the back.

And then the left half of the front.

And then the other one.

Before I went to bed Friday night I had cast on for the sleeves. Talk about instant gratification. Apparently I can't finish a pair of fingerless gloves in an evening but I can finish a whole sweater in a couple of days.

The sleeves were done by Saturday afternoon. I should have included this in my Sunday-is-for-finishing plans but I don't have the perfect buttons for it yet anyway so I put it off. Any suggestions for places to find fab buttons?

I discovered that it really turned out for the best that I opted not to make the sweater I had originally intended. The yarn I bought might have knit to the same gauge as the Big Wool but each skein is 20m shorter than a Big Wool skein. I wouldn't have had anywhere near enough yarn to make the sweater I had originally wanted. I love it when I change my mind and it works out this well.

On a side note I came across this yesterday. If you haven't signed up go for it! It sounds like fun, and if you are anything like me it should help you finish those socks you've had on the needles for the last few months.

And it looks like the Lizard Ridge KAL is up and running. A la Annie - Leapin Lizards! Let's get going. Any Daddy Warbucks out there that want to fund my Noro habit? Bwahahaha.


CynCyn said...

er... stacey's the enabler? i think we're ALL enablers. can't wait to see sweater all done up. maybe u need to make a trip back up to Ft. Collins... they had so many cute buttons up there!

JulieFrick said...

Hey- where'd the Big Wool pattern come from? Haven't seen it, and have Big Wool in the stash, sitting there all fat and happy and unknit.

Dipsy D. said...

Awww, what a gorgeous yarn for a gorgeous cardi! It seems to be such a quick knit - or you're one of the speediest knitters I've ever seen ;) It's coming along so fine already, can't wait to see more of it!

Jeni said...

I am excited to see the sweater close up, that yarn is so different in person. You could seam it all up this Sunday!!

Wanda said...

That's the way to knit up a sweater! I love how it's coming out. You're probably already done with it!

Stitchen for Kids said...

You have so many great things on your needles! You truely amaze me! I am looking forward to seeing the progress on all the beautiful sweaters and that great bag!!