Thursday, September 07, 2006

Honeymoon Yarn

So the time has come to show you the picture of the honeymoon yarn. This stuff is so beautiful.

It's a boatload of yards of handpainted linen (I think she may have used Euroflax - I remember seeing it on the label somewhere). The colors grabbed my attention immediately. The shop we visited had quite a few different yarns from Claudia, most of which I've seen before (she's got excellent taste in color combinations) but I have never seen the linen before. I can't find it online anywhere and it doesn't appear on her website, nor does this colorway. Lucky find I'm guessing.

I also picked up an artyarns scarf pattern that I may use this yarn for. It would certainly be beautiful in it. It's not the softest stuff (though you wouldn't expect that from linen anyway, right?) but I'd bet the drape will be incredible. We shall just have to see how it goes.

DH was very excited about this new bag he picked up for me.

It's relatively small. The straps hanging down are supposed to be clipped around your waist. You put your work into the bag and then you're off. Mobile knitter alert. I think he thinks it may be a solution for the "One second. Let me finish this row..." our hubbies all put up with. Well, I'm sure it won't help much there but it's certainly a handy little bag. It's also got a Kitchner Stitch cheat sheet attached to the outside of the bag. Most excellent.


Stacey said...

I love the bag, but you knew that I would!

Jeni said...

That yarn is beautiful!! And it is fun to say Honeymoon Yarn. I saw you snuck a "Hubby" in there too.

CynCyn said...

DH has excellent taste in knitterly tools/gadgets/notions. He's def. the best kind of knitter's SO... the ENABLER.

Wanda said...

I like that yarn alot. And what I've heard is that linen yarn is not soft to knit with at all, but once washed (or blocked, soaked in water) it softens up enormously and has a beautiful drape afterward. i've not ever seen handpainted linen, so cool!

Chris said...

That linen looks amazing! Handy bag, too.