Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Boulder Knit Out

This past Saturday morning was the annual Boulder Knit Out. It's been going on for a few years now and every year I talked myself out of going. It was too far to drive. Or I wasn't feeling well (this time of year is hell on my allergies). Or I had other plans. This year I committed to myself that I'd just do it.

Let me first say that I had a great time. I want to make sure this point is clear because the rest of this post might mislead you to think I didn't.

It was freakin' freezing!! The sun managed to hide behind some very large clouds (which isn't really so bad) but there was a wind blowing that would whip right through you. My car claimed it was 64 degrees out but I'd bet money that with the wind chill it was in the high 50s. Of course we were all sporting our handknits but I don't think anyone was prepared for that kind of cold.

Well, maybe this little girl was

though I'd bet she brought that blanket along to sit on, not under.

Michaele was dressed quite warm in her beautiful Big Wool sweater but even she had to take a break from knitting to warm up her hands. If you can get cold in Big Wool you know it's brisk out.

Despite the chill there was a pretty decent turn out, including spectators and people wanting to learn about knitting and spinning.

I didn't manage a picture of the very talented lady who not only trekked out to this event but brought her spinning wheel with her. The yarn she was spinning up was amazing. I believe it was an alpaca and silk blend. Gorgeous stuff.

I also got to meet a Colorado blogger that I haven't met before, though I read her blog (Hi, Alex!) as well as spend some time with a few other folks I don't get to see nearly often enough. So, despite the chill in the air, I'd have to call the Boulder knit out a success and worth the drive.

Oh yeah, not only did I have fun but I won a door prize. Organic green wool and a cool tape measure. What could be better?


CynCyn said...

oooh! purty green. I'm sorry the BKO was cold this year... but you had a great time anyway! You looked great in your new shawl/stole (i saw it on Zenifer's blog)

Chris said...

Bummer that it was so cold - it looks like a great event!