Thursday, September 28, 2006

Autumn Reading

Wow. I'm nearly finished with all the books I picked. I do have to admit that I don't "read" the books but listen to them on audio on my long and boring commute to work. They are unabridged versions so I don't feel like I'm cheating.

The titles below that are in blue are the ones I've finished. So far I've enjoyed them all (for the most part)

So, here's the list:

1) Murders in the Rue Morgue by E. A. Poe - I've never read this before and I have to say I really liked it. The beginning is a little tough to get through, especially if you are tired in the least bit, which seems to be the only time I make to read. Once you get through it the rest of the story is very interesting. For some reason it wasn't at all what I expected. I was expecting something more twisted or scary.
2) The Book of the Dead by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child (reviewed here)
3) Cell by Stephen King (reviewed here)
4) Frankenstein by Mary Shelley - Again, I've never read this before. I've seen the old version of the movie, which is absolutly nothing like the book. Once I figured out that they were really independant stories I was able to enjoy the book. It's a bit depressing in a way. Lots of torment and whining. I got mad pretty early on that Frankenstein didn't just fess up instead of saving his own butt at the expense of the girl accused of murdering his brother and don't think I really had much sympathy for him after that.
5) The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stephenson
- Big surprise here, but I've never read this one either. I had a basic understanding of the story through other reading through my life. It's been one of my favorite books of this selection. I enjoyed all the characters and the premise of the story.
6) The Turn of the Screw by Henry James - Last one. Listening to this now.


CynCyn said...

er, michelle? none of the titles are in blue, b/c your background is blue. but, looks like you've got some good reading done!!!

Chris said...

Hee hee - Cyn has a point - none of the books are in blue... But yeah, sounds like you're getting a lot read/listened to.