Thursday, September 14, 2006


There's a few new KALs out there (tons actually) but these caught my eye.

Funky Knitted Necklaces - Inspired by several of the fun knecklace patterns on Knitty as of late. Knit whatever necklace you'd like. I'll be making this one.

Grey's Anatomy KAL - Knit whatever you'd like but expect some Grey's chatter on the blog as well. I haven't decided what to make just yet but I'm leaning toward something from the Gray's Anatomy section of the latest Vogue Knitting - convenient since I want to make several of those sweaters anyway.

An update on my R.I.P reading schedule. I've just finished the Book of the Dead by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. It was an enjoyable read. I already knew I liked this pair of authors having read Dance of Death not that long ago. If you enjoy mysteries I'd recommend both books but start with the Dance of Death or you may feel a little lost during the Book of the Dead. I've started Cell by Stephen King. Wonder when I'll start getting the willies.

I don't think it's up yet but I'm hoping to see a Lizard Ridge KAL soon as well.


CynCyn said...


Wanda said...

I like that Knecklace pattern too! I like the other one that Stacey is doing for a class, but I like that I can use my scraps for some of these knecklaces. Thanks for reminding me about a great pattern.

Chris said...

So many fun things going on, aren't there?!

Glaistig said...

Hee hee, aren't the willies great? Thanks for the R.I.P link and that Steel Droppings site (!) is great.

I'm a Grey's addict. I can't wait until the season premiere.