Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Sister Blankie continues

It was blessedly a bit cooler this weekend than it had been for a while. I even got chilly enough to need to cover up with a blanket. And since I needed to cover up anyway I opted to use my sisters blanket and get that next row done.

This puts me over the halfway mark (thankfully!!). I may finish this before Christmas after all.

DS and her hubbie were passing through town last week and I really enjoyed seeing them. He got accepted into his top choice for medical school and they were on their way east so he'd be there in time for school orientation. I could tell he was very excited about the whole thing. DS was excited too. They got to their destination Saturday and she called to let me know that they are in the sticks. There are cows, turkeys, and a lot of dirt road. We are from rural areas but she's lived in cities longer than I have so I hope she adapts quickly. It sounds like a fantastic quaint little house they are in. I would bet they'll be looking forward to this blanket by the time winter rolls in on them.

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Wanda said...

I'm so happy that your bil got into his first choice school, awesome! Hope your sis and he get settled in and glad the trip x-country went ok.