Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Not Sittin' Barely Knittin'

Things have been a madhouse around here lately. The wedding is now less than two weeks away and we've been running around confirming, mailing, and doing all other kinds of errands. I've been letting my hair grow out so I can wear it up and will be thrilled once this is all over so I can get the length cut back off. We are crazy people, I must say. Need proof? We will sit with tin foil wrapped up in our hair for hours if we think that it'll make us look good. Not quite good enough? What about the fact that we'll pay people to torture us by smearing us with hot wax, letting it dry, and ripping it off. Proof positive, folks.

I did want to take a quick minute to thank kelpkim for the lovely gift I got in the mail the other day.

So darn cute!! I love the little gnomes. Seems appropriate that I booked my reservations with travelocity. Looks just like that little guy. And inside...

Yeah, buddy! Thanks. It really made my day!

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Chris said...

Gnomes and yarn. Life is good!! Hang in there - the end is in sight!