Thursday, August 17, 2006

Easy Peasy

That barley knittin' I mentioned in my last post looks a whole lot like this

I couldn't seem to focus on any of the projects I have on the needles so it was time for something else. I was so inspired by the Mason Dixon theory of picking up the needles and just making something I started a chair back for a rocking chair we were given recently. Right now it has bare poles that really dig into your back if you sit in it. It was screaming for covering. Some cushy, thick, felted backing was in order. All the yarn is leftovers of Brown Sheep from past projects. I have loved working on it (it's nearly done now). Completely mindless garter stitch, decreases every 16 rows, and then the only thing I have to think about is if I want to switch colors. Ahhhh. At times it seems that this is really what knitting should be.


duchessofgravity said...

fantastic! it will be cozy and the colors look great!

Chris said...

Very cool - did you say you were going to felt it?

Wanda said...

I like that cushion a lot, very cute. And knitting should be just that, relaxing, no pressure.