Friday, July 07, 2006

Living in a Mystery

The Mystery Stole 2 officially starts today. Hooray!! I did a gauge swatch the other day out of some Skacel Merino Laceweight yarn I had in the stash.

I think it's a little too loose already and it was quite a bit smaller than I wanted. The stole should be 20x72 if my swatch ended up 5" wide (which I got nowhere near). I don't want a tiny stole so guess what I did...

Need another hint?

Ok, one more but this one kinda gives it away

You're right! I bought some yarn (bad me, oh well) and dyed it Rosemary - which I find to be a very lovely shade of blue/green.

There is a bit of variegation in the skein even though I moved it around in the dyebath like the directions instructed. I like it though.

My only sorrow is that this hank is somewhere near 2500 yards. I really wanted to half it and only dye what I needed for this stole and save the other half to do something Lorna's Laces-ish with but I couldn't think of a good way to measure half and I wanted to get the dying done last night while DH was out at the movies. I guess I know where to find more (and more dye) so all is not lost. And I'd bet I won't be too sad to use this for more than one project. Yum.


cassidy said...

Hey michelle...that looks great and like so much fun ( i mean trouble ) where did you get the dye??? cassidy

Glaistig said...

The yarn color looks very vintage-y. Me likes!

Stitchen for Kids said...

How great that you can just customize the yarn to be the exact colors that you love! It turned out great! You may have to share your fun project with the rest of us on our next get together! I would like to try it! :)

Chris said...

It's pretty! And that looks like the sort of variation variegation that will enhance the laciness of the stole.