Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Drawstring Bag in Plain English

I decided to make another drawstring bag so I could show off my sewing skillz (similar to Napoleon's drawing skillz - scary isn't it?). This one is quite a bit smaller than the first one I made and I attempted to make this one reversible though I doubt I'll be flipping it as I ended up with a bit of puckering on the lining. This post will be in plain English as my sewing skillz do not extend into the proper language used by real Sewers.

1) Pick out some pretty fabrics

With the fabric that will be the outside of your bag.
2) Sew a thin (I think this was around 1/4" on mine) edge down each side of the outer fabric. I'm really not into exact measurements or pinning things out when I sew.

3) Mark two inches and three inches from each end of the bag. This will be where your drawstrings will run through the bag so you will not sew this section shut in the next step.

4) With right sides together and fabric folded in half (your pins will line up) sew a 3/8" seam up the side of the bag. DO NOT sew the area in between your pins.

5) Repeat steps 2-4 on the lining if you intend to make this a reversible bag. If you don't want reversible skip to step 4. Leave a 2-3 inch section somewhere on the side of your lining un-sewn (I usually leave this section at the bottom corner so I can seam it up later without it being very noticeable).

6) Insert your lining into your bag with the right sides of the fabric facing (in my picture you see the back side of the lining if you look in the bag and the back side of my outer fabric on the outside of the bag).

7) Seam the top of the bag and the bottom of the bag together (I think I used about a 3/8" seam here too).

Once that is done you can flip the bag right side out.

On the reversible bag I shoved everything through the hole I left for the drawstring to get everything right-side-out. If you did the non-reversible version this is where your 2-3" non-sewn spot will come in very handy. If you forgot that step you might be able to shove everything through the drawstring hole on the outer fabric but you risk stretching that section out so you may want to rip out a few inches of seaming on the lining instead.

If you did the non-reversible version, once everything is safely right side out I'd close up that whole at the bottom of your lining.

8) Now that everything is right side out, push your lining down into the bag and sew around the bag at drawstring holes (this is where a few pins would come in handy if you aren't too stubborn to use them - like me).

Now find something cute to use as a drawstring. I've used waste yarn and ribbons so far. Some of the cord you can find in the decorator area near curtains at the craft stores would be very cute as well. Hook a safety pin to the end of whatever you are trying to draw through your bag to make it a little easier. Viola. All done!

On the green bag I did here I used some left over Berroco Suede twisted very tight so that it would "draw" from both sides. To do that I took one strand and ran it around the entire bag starting and ending at the left side of the bag. I took another and ran it around the entire bag starting and ending at the right side of the bag.

For this bag I opted to "draw" from only one side so the ribbon was strung starting and ending on the left side of the bag.


Chris said...

It's very cute! And sounds pretty simple - if one has a sewing machine.

CynCyn said...

maybe i just need to watch you make one before i understand how to... but i don't want to get involved in a whole nother crafting world.