Monday, July 24, 2006

THE best

I don't venture far from knitting content most times on this blog so there are many of you that may not know that I'm getting married in a month. I already refer to my sweetie as my DH on this blog. We've been together for so long now it seems that way anyway.
Last night I roped a few friends into helping with some of the wedding miscellany. They
were willing enough participants but I bet a few of them are cursing the Rubber Cement headaches and sore hands this morning.

There were boxes*

Ribbon sticks

And programs galore

At dinner the girls surprised us with a very innocent looking package

I won't be sharing the content here. Suffice to say it had this affect on the sweetie

When we got back to the house to work yet some more on boxes, sticks, and programs did I get a surprise!

Sweetie was in on it as he provided the way back into the house when we left for dinner. And they know where I keep my stash so it was even "populated" for me with some of my favorites.
Ever notice how much nicer your yarn looks when it's displayed nicely?

Seriously ladies, Thank you so much! It was a great evening. Your help alone meant so much. The presents on top of it all... wow. Thanks. You guys are the best!


Deb said...

I love the impish grin on your sweeties face and I'm thinking it had NOTHING to do with the Lantern Moon stacking basket that was waiting for you at home! What wonderful pals you have to treat you so well. Good luck with the upcoming wedding!

Chris said...

That picture of your sweetie is fabulous!! Hee hee. My oh my. ;)

What wonderful friends!

CynCyn said...

c'mon. the edible undies weren't THAT bad, were they?
i'm impressed with DH's ability to keep a secret. i didn't figure him for someone that could... enjoy the basket. can't wait to see it all set up...

Wanda said...

You're very welcome! We were definitely glad to be able to help and that you enjoyed the basket! Itw as so much to get together and be sneaky about getting it into the house! So much fun!

Stacey said...

It was so hard to keep that basket a secret!! I was sooo excited to give it to you...and your reaction was perfect! The more I see your wedding favors...the more I think we all did a beautiful job:) Ha! Watch out Martha Stewart!!

jeni said...

You are so welcome!!! Now we all want to get married.

And well the other package it could have been so much worse.

duchessofgravity said...

had a lot of fun! congrats again :)