Monday, July 10, 2006

1 Clue Down

Time is running out if you still want to join the Mystery Stole 2. I'm still very excited about this. We got the first clue last Friday and I'm nearly done with it. You can work on both halves of the stole at once or just do one half and then the other half later on. I think I'll opt for the second option as I really want to work on other stuff I have on the needles during the next six weeks.
I didn't swatch with my newly dyed yarn so this is the first glance you've gotten of it. I love it. It's soft and the colors have just enough variegation to be interesting but not take away from the pattern.

Here's a shot to show off the side a little better. I should be spot-on to get the size I was wanting. I streched it out just a little to see how far it'd go without impacting the pattern and I can get wider than the 20" if I really want to. We'll have to see how the blocking goes at the end.

It's a fun knit. It is a bit harder than I expected but only because there isn't a pattern repeat to memorize. I find taking it a piece at a time helps immensely. I marked every 10 stitches of the pattern off with a highlighter so while I'm working the pattern I never really have to count higher than 10 (there can be some long streches of knit stitches and it's bothersome to have to put down the knitting to figure out how many there are).

I hope everyone else is having fun with it too.


Jeni said...

It looks great. I was thinking the same thing, that I would only do half so I can keep knitting on other things. It seems the new theory is that if I finish sooner I have until Friday to knit on other things. I can't stop knitting this.

CynCyn said...

very pretty! we'll need to print out clue #2 before we head up to the mtns this weekend!

Wanda said...

I love the colorway, so gorgeous. Great job with the dyeing. The pattern looks amazing and intricate. I am intrigued, but trying hard to resist!