Wednesday, June 21, 2006


It seems I owe you some updates of some of the things I've been working on but apparently haven't blogged about in quite some time. First, the sock...

I finished this guy back in early May or March or something equally distant. I love how it turned out and have cast on for the second sock but as that is as far as I've gotten I choose only to prove that I do indeed knit on the sock from time to time.
By the way, this was the Austerman Step yarn. LOVE this stuff. Very soft but feels very sturdy. I like how it striped and the colorway was a bunch of fun too.

And another WIP that has recently resurfaced (in light of all the lace knitting going on in this part of the world, and the lace class that inspired me to try again) the River Shawl.

I love love love how it's turning out this time. I restarted it completely right after the class with Nancy Bush because I just knew I could do better than I had on the first try. The Rowan Kidsilk Haze is luscious to work with, though I think something a little less fuzzy might have been a better choice for the first try at this. The pattern is simple enough that it seems to be working out just fine regardless of the fuzz. The river pattern is in the latest Rowan magazine.


Agnes said...

Mmm ... I like the colour of River ... it'll be a lovely river! :)

Glaistig said...

It's great when you can revisit a WIP and get invigorated to finish. They look great. :)

Wanda said...

I love that you got excited to start River again. It looks great. Great job on the sock too. Now just to finish the second one . . . ;-)