Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Wow. I got home from work last night to find contest spoils sitting on my porch. I love spoils. They make me feel spoiled.

I had completely forgotten I won this contest (yeah random number generators!!). I've been so busy with work and wedding planning it just slipped right out of those memory banks. The really sad part is that I won less than two weeks ago so it's not like a bunch of time passed. I should really start taking something for that memory problem I appear to be developing. If I could only remember to... *wink*

Right. Back to the good stuff. I found a package and inside it was a bunch of fun goodies.

Not only did Brianne send the two skeins of yarn she mentioned in her post but there are some cute little stitch markers, a pretty handkerchief, some bubble bath (that I bet is going to smell great - Mmmm... strawberries), and a very sweet card. Thank so much!

Now to decide what to do with this yarn. Must flip through One Skein this afternoon...


Pooch said...

Hi Michelle,
I just read about your blog (and you!) on the Denver Knits list and wanted to pop in to say Hi!

That's quite a nice prize package you received! Congrats on your win!

Stephanie said...

oooh oooh oooh atacama oh i love that stuff!!!

it looks so good wound up, or even just twisting the skein. it doesn't always look great from the store.

Chris said...

What a fun prize!!