Monday, June 26, 2006

Bag Crazy

I went a little bag crazy over this past weekend. I finished my knitting tote that I was making. The free Berroco pattern can be found here. I used the tri-color suede for mine though I also purchased a solid color to make another one. I love this one so much I almost cast on for the solid one a few minutes after I finished.

And one of it "stuffed". I fit a whole sweater in here. I'm so excited about how much this can hold.

I also managed to drag out the sewing machine over the weekend.

I've wanted to make one of these little drawstring bags since my Nancy Bush class. She mentioned that the ladies in Estonia have bags like these that they keep their lace knitting in. The bag handles hang on their wrists while they knit so their knitting is a bit more portable. I don't know if I'll be holding mine like that but I certainly like the bag. And the lining.

So, what will I use this bag for first? Well... the river shawl is coming along quite nicely so as soon as I've finished that pretty pretty thing I thought I heard Charlotte calling...


Brianne said...

1) Love the new look of the blog! The colors are so perfect for Summer. :)

2) The drawstring bag purse is just perfect! If only I knew how to sew. Perhaps you shall be my inspiration.

Wanda said...

Very cute bag! You finished that in no time! Yay! The drawstring bag is very cute too.

Cathi said...

The bag looks great- did you get the handles from Ann? I totally need to knit mine up, I need a knitbag.